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Pebeo Marker

Pebeo Marker

Instructions for Pebeo Porcelaine Marker

Press tip several times on scrap paper until the special ceramic paint flows.

The paint takes just a few moments to dry to the touch, so, when drawing on or signing your piece, take care not to smudge any of your fresh work, or anyone’s that has just been signed near yours.

Tip: Practice on a piece of paper prior to signing to get a feel of how the pen works.

Tip: Mistakes can be removed with a sponge and water. (Paint is not permanent until baked in your oven.)

Like any paint exposed to air, the paint filled tip will dry out if not covered. Replace cap after each use to prevent tip from drying. If it does dry, press tip several times on scrap paper to restart flow.

Tip: If the cap is left unsecured for a long period of time and the marker tip dries out it may be repaired. Unscrew the tip with your fingertips (BE CAREFUL to keep the open pen upright so the paint does not spill). Place the tip in a cup of very hot (even boiling water), allow it to soak for several hours. Then remove the tip and replace it in the marker casing. Pump the tip a few times and it should work just fine.

Once paint is dry, it is smudge proof to the touch and safe for travel, but it is not yet permanent.

To make permanent, once your personalization is complete, allow paint to dry for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, place the item in a room temperature oven and then heat oven to 300 degrees, so that the item heats slowly along with the oven.

Once oven reaches 300 degrees, bake item for 35 minutes and then turn oven off.

Allow item to cool to room temperature inside the oven, at which time it may be removed.

Paint is now permanent, food and dishwasher safe!